Vegan chocolate mousse

This week I promised on instagram that I’d make some time to sit down and write this recipe before Christmas. It’s so simple and everyone that tried it in my last cooking class, loved it. So it’s long overdue!

I also want to take the chance to wish you happy holidays and thank you all for the support this year. You’re all amazing and I wouldn’t be here without you.

Much love and happy new year! Let me know if you like the recipe.

Ingredients for two medium bowls:

• 80g Vivani dark nougat chocolate (or your favorite dark chocolate)
• 290g silken tofu (all water removed)
• 50-70g raw agave (adjust sweetness according to your chocolate)
• 1 tsp of vanilla extract
• pinch of sea salt

Suggested toppings:

• Fresh raspberries
• Crumbled hazelnuts
• Chocolate chips


  1. With a knife, cut chocolate into chunks and melt in a water bath until smooth.
  2. While the chocolate is melting, remove tofu from the package and using a clean kitchen towel, squeeze all the excess water out of the tofu. Set aside.
  3. Add tofu, agave, vanilla and salt to a blender.
  4. Blend everything until you’ve obtained a smooth mixture.
  5. Now add melted chocolate, little by little, and blend until the chocolate is well incorporated.
  6. Thats’s it! Divide by two bowls and add all desired toppings.

P.S.- Depending on the amount of cocoa butter your chocolate has, it can harden up in the frige so just be aware of that. If making in advance, just let it sit at room temperature before serving.

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