Work with me

Hi there. Do you have any questions about partnerships or promotions? Please get in touch with me by sending me an email.

I love to meet new brands and people. I’m open for all types of collaborations.

However, I’ve been approached in different ways. So here’s a breakdown, making it easier for both of us.

Featuring my recipes

You should always get in touch with me first. But, if you link directly to my website and make it clear that I’m the original author, that’s fantastic. This should go without saying but please, do not copy recipes without my permission.

If you are a magazine/newspaper (even if digital), we should talk first. I want to make sure our collaboration goes as smooth as possible.

Social Media

If I like the product/ brand, I’d love to share it with my followers. All opinions will be my most sincere and I’ll always state if a particular post is sponsored.

Recipe development

This is probably my favourite form of collaboration. I’m always developing new recipes so it’s a win-win. If you have a product that you’d like to see featured in one of my recipes, feel free to get in touch.

Food photography

Before I went into the culinary world, I was a freelance photographer. If you need professional and high quality photos for your restaurant/cookbook/product, I’m also available for hire.